Education Program

Through Education Support and Promotion, we provide school children, disabled persons and youth in deprived communities, towns and cities with education and learning materials such as books, school uniforms, pens and pencils, footwear, financial support, and bicycles. The program also provides sustainable support, literacy tools and sponsorship to impoverished youth living in deprived communities. One unique aspect of this program is the treatment and support for youth and students who have high Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and training for teachers on ACEs and modern teaching methodology. The program provide students and youth with the right ACEs therapy and right education. Our goal is to help impoverished youth overcome most of their educational challenges and to ensure that both teachers and students have sound and stable mind.

Our School Enrollment Program help school dropouts, disabled persons and youth who have never enrolled in school previously, particularly stray children and youth in deprived communities to have access to education. This project includes the Useful Literacy Program that focuses on helping youth meet personal and social needs through enhancing their skills for everyday life in a community. We also organize intensive educational campaigns in deprived communities where there is high youth illiteracy and child labor to create awareness on the importance of youth education. Our goal is to give every child an opportunity for education to feel empowered for a promising future.


Women, Youth and Disability Support Program

Our disability support program is designed to make all persons living with disability 'ABLE'. We support them to acquire education, vocational and technical skills training. We also help persons living with all forms of disability to integrate into the society through job placement support community leadership training and starting up businesses.Our Women Empowerment and Vocational Skills Training Program equip deprived communities women with various forms of skills that would enhance their lives. This project also empower male and female youth to take up leadership role in their communities, and lead the crusade against gender inequalities. We help women create market for their agric produce and also support parents with farm seedlings, equipment and other farming inputs

Vocational and Technical Training Program

We empower youth, persons living with disabilities and vulnerable women to acquire Information and Communications Technology (ICT), vocational and income generating activities skills. We also provide schools, communities and individuals access to free computers and internet. Some of our training programs includes computer and internet application, dressmaking and manufacturing that would enhance their lives.

Environment and Health Education Program

This program is designed to use our youth to promote the education on climate change by leading the crusade against negative practices that affect our environment. We also educate our youth on the need, and ways to protect our environment from destruction, through activities such as tree planting exercises in villages most affected by climate change, maintenance of work on water bodies, campaigning against all forms of environmental pollution.

Our Health program aims at improving the health and the wellbeing of students, youth and women in every community we work, by contributing to the general well being of the people and the world at large by reducing HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Cholera epidemic. Asaasiam Vision exist to promote healthy lifestyle of the impoverished and malnourished through education and sensitization, screening and empowering the people to have access to essential quality health services. The program also provides counselling and mentorship for youth who need to be provided with such services to enhance their education and social life.